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The weekly vegan podcast that's all about great vegan food and how to have fun making it. 

If you're vegan curious and wondering how to make your diet more plant-based, we can help. And if you're a veteran vegan who knows their way around a tub of nutritional yeast flakes, we've got some pro-tips and fresh ideas for ways to play with your food. We've assembled some the greatest vegan chefs, cooks and bakers to answer all your culinary questions. From noob to nooch, the Vegan Life podcast's got your vegan cooking covered.

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Jun 2, 2022

We have gathered our favorite French and Belgium Vegans to discuss French Patisserie so you can indulge in the finest vegan recipes without needing to rummage around for your passport.

Michelin Chef Alexis Gauthier and Belgian Pastry Chef Daniele Maupertuis discuss in this episode the best vegan patisseries in London...

May 26, 2022

Hone your barista skills and celebrate the irresistible flavour of a home brew in this week’s coffee episode. Jake sits down with coffee royalty, George Howell, Ralf Rueller and Jesse Hartman, to discuss their journeys of how they got into coffee and most importantly, answer our listeners’ questions.

This episode...

May 19, 2022

Foraging experts Anton Petrov and Mitch McCulloch join Jake to talk about the ins and outs of foraging. Like always our listeners have got in touch with their food related questions such as ‘Where are good places to forage in Britain’ and ‘Are there easy ways to help spot poisonous plants?’

You will also hear...

May 16, 2022

This episode Jake discusses a different side to vegan food, the side that makes us strong!

He sits down with Ella Magers and Mariam Al-Jarallah two experts in this field. They will show you how eating a plant based diet can fuel you and can teach you about vegan nutrition. 

May 5, 2022

Jake sits down with Radhi to discuss Ayurveda and what it means to live an Ayurveda lifestyle.

If you know nothing about Ayurveda this is a good place to start. Radhi goes through everything you need to know from Prakruti and Vikruti to all four doshas. You will be all clued up after this episode about this rich Indian...