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The weekly vegan podcast that's all about great vegan food and how to have fun making it. 

If you're vegan curious and wondering how to make your diet more plant-based, we can help. And if you're a veteran vegan who knows their way around a tub of nutritional yeast flakes, we've got some pro-tips and fresh ideas for ways to play with your food. We've assembled some the greatest vegan chefs, cooks and bakers to answer all your culinary questions. From noob to nooch, the Vegan Life podcast's got your vegan cooking covered.

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Aug 20, 2021

Hola! This week we are off to sunny Spain and we are joined by The Spanish Chef – Omar Allibhoy. Omar is the founder of Tapas Revolution, the critically-applauded Spanish tapas restaurant group. He has cooked for countless celebrities even the Royal Family. Omar is the author of two cookbooks, his debut book; Tapas Revolution is still one of the best-selling Spanish cookbooks in the world. Omar has won several awards and maintained a career as a successful TV chef.

Omar starts the show by saying “Let’s hit the sangria and get in the mood” after a listener asking how to make the perfect sangria. He does not disappoint as he gives you a brilliant top tip on how to make sweet and delicious sangria for you to serve to your guests at your summer parties.

We move onto the famous Spanish cold soup – gazpacho, and Jake was absolutely over joyed when Omar shared a tip on how to retain the freshness of the fruit and using every part of the tomato including the long vines, it all goes in the jug!

Omar gives us a great vegan tapas menu from padron peppers to stuffed courgettes and if you have ever struggled with a stuffed courgette or thought it looked too fiddley, then listen now as Omar gives a step by step on how to cook one.

The Spanish chef knows all there is to know on the Spanish cuisine and shares with us how Spanish paprika is made and why it is so special and lastly he tells us what makes it different to other paprika. The answer is…The Sun!

We delve into the heart of the episode as Omar speaks with passion about the most popular dish that we all know and love, paella. He tells us how we can achieve the crispy bit at the bottom and the core spices you need for it and best of all he gives us the yummiest vegan paella recipe to have and use at home.

Once you finish this episode you will want to book a flight to Madrid or go out and buy some saffron and paprika as I am sure you would agree it will make you hungry! Omar finishes the episode by saying “At the end of the day, food is all about discovery and that is all that matters”