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The weekly vegan podcast that's all about great vegan food and how to have fun making it. 

If you're vegan curious and wondering how to make your diet more plant-based, we can help. And if you're a veteran vegan who knows their way around a tub of nutritional yeast flakes, we've got some pro-tips and fresh ideas for ways to play with your food. We've assembled some the greatest vegan chefs, cooks and bakers to answer all your culinary questions. From noob to nooch, the Vegan Life podcast's got your vegan cooking covered.

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Jul 15, 2021

Continuing our world tour, this week we have stopped off in Mexico and have been joined by Denise Vallejo a fine dinning chef, with a background in Mexican folk medicine.
Ivan Castro owner of Plant Based Mexican restaurant La Bartola and Eddie Garza, the host of Global Bites on OzTube and cookbook author of Salud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook

We delve into the rich culture and history of Mexican gastronomy without which many European dished would simply not exist.

The gusts kick this episode of talking about the key ingredients and flavors in Mexican cuisine, staples such as squashes, beans and chilis and of course corn, lots and lots of corn.

Discussing quintessentially Mexican foods such as quesadillas, we discover like so many countries there are regional twists to traditional foods and quesadilla recipes are no different. Our guests give us the low down on a wide variety including breakfast quesadillas! And if your looking for the Mexican version of a kabab on the way home from the pub then what you need is a Tlacoyo.

In this enlightening episode we discover how GMO corn eliminates one of Mexico’s famous delicacies: wheat la coche which is type of mushroom that only grows on corn.

Corn is a huge part of Mexican food both sweet and savory. Tamales & Niquatolle are just two recipes on the sweet side with Tortilla, Pinole and Esquites on the savory.

Our gusts are asked about street food favorites with answers that include Pambasos, Quesadillas, Sopes, Nopales, Huaraches and Tostada.

As always we ask, what do you do with tofu? And we get.. Eggs Benedict, Mexican Scrambled Eggs, and even Banh mi taco with 5 spiced tofu which sounds delicious.

Your taste buds are sure to be popping after this episode, and even if your can't visit Mexico yourself right now, that you'll be inspired to cook their amazing cuisine.